My 20+ years of experience as an educator and librarian, along with my personal and professional education, provides me a unique foundation of instruction, perspective, and skills.  My experience in a district-wide innovation design team has sparked my interest in taking a closer look at teaching and learning, campus operations, and how we develop student ownership and responsibility for academic success. As a result of that work, I seek to be an  agent for positive, effective change in our schools.


My experience includes being a librarian at the elementary, middle, and high school level. Within that experience I have fulfilled a variety of roles in the library, including administrator, manager, and instructor for both teachers and students. As well, I am an advocate for and learner of emerging educational technologies and play a major role in our campus’ 1:1 initiative, as well as serving as our campus website and social media manager. As a classroom teacher I have taught Language Arts, Spanish, P.E., and Math. Altogether, my experience has exposed me to all grade levels and subjects in one way or another.


In pursuing positive change in our schools, I hope to build upon that experience and my desire to work with both teachers and students to develop a campus culture that values individual skills, fosters a growth mindset, and is both collaborative and transparent. In addition, my interest and experience in technology enables me to recognize the value of purposeful technology use for the creation of that campus culture and successful, future-ready students.  To do this I believe we must have a clear, long-term vision, an instructional practice that is reflective and adaptive, and campus-wide integrity in all we do. I look forward to working with you and in being a part of positive, effective change for our educators and our students.  Please feel free to contact me using the form on the home page. View my resume by clicking on the pdf below.

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