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Why I'm here

I think about 'work' a lot, mostly in terms of my approach to it, feelings about it, and the issues arising from it. In addition I think about my current position as a librarian and the fact that I obtained Principal certification 2 years ago and haven't landed in an Assistant Principal position. To be honest, the potential for a lot of frustration is there, in a variety of ways. Most of it, though, likely just an outcome of my attitude & response.

The thinking that came to me recently, though, is to consider more what an amazing opportunity I have been given to do this very job.

What I realize is that I have, every day, the ability to further the field of librarianship. I can make it better through the work I do on a daily basis, my personal & professional development, and the interactions I have with staff and students. I believe that I am here to serve and it's when I lose sight of that that I find myself frustrated. Circumstances always have a chance to get the better of me; I have to stay focused on why I'm here and filter my response through that lens.

We can't let 'work' just be something that happens to us; we have to make it happen in the best way possible. 


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